As soon as the truck drivers announced they were coming to Ottawa to protest the government COVID mandates, it was a true glimmer of hope for millions of Canadians. 

It was a spark that ignited the flame.

Just like so many others in Canada, I have been living a nightmare for the past 2 years.

I really believed at first that COVID was overall a dangerous virus (since we did not know much about it) and that a two-week lockdown was a necessary inconvenience. 

Then it grew into months, years… In the summer of 2020, I was already questioning the main narrative and had so many concerns, so many things that just would not make sense to me. However, nobody was interested in addressing those concerns, instead pushing for more irrational restrictions and, then, for experimental vaccines. 

Children as young as 2 have been mandated to wear a mask. JK/SK students were mandated to wear a mask all day at school. Socializing was out of the window for most kids and their mental health was destroyed by the mandates which were supposedly implemented to “protect” them from the virus that was less dangerous to them than the flu.

Vaccine passports, QR codes were introduced, people were getting (and continue to be) fired from their jobs right, left and center for refusing the injection. They were told they had a “choice” – get vaccinated with something that could cause a potentially life-altering adverse reaction or be terminated. 

Millions of Canadians were banned from social life completely without any solid evidence prompting the implementation of such measures. The rest of the country was sadly ok with it.

I went to Ottawa as soon as trucks got there.

I saw people on the highway overpasses waving flags as I was driving and I was smiling the whole time.

When I got to Parliament Hill the feeling was overwhelming.

In spite of the frigid cold at 9 am on Saturday (-28 with wind chill) there were tens of thousands of people just like me, breathing the cold air of freedom, friendship, love and unity.

The message of the protesters is simple: it is time to end the irrational mandates and stop the division of the society.

Unfortunately, more than a week later, no significant breakthrough has been made. Instead, the movement is being viciously attacked by the various levels of government and major media outlets. The level of misinformation about the movement is beyond extreme. Peaceful demonstrators (among whom are families with children) are being portrayed as villains.

In the meantime, everyone has forgotten about the COVID numbers, hospitalization rates, etc. Why? Because despite millions protesting across the country in every major city, COVID related hospitalizations have been on a steady decline. Almost everyone I know (vaccinated and unvaccinated)  have had COVID in the past month and got over it just like they would get over the flu.

As a teacher, I see how COVID mandates are hurting children. They should not be forced to continue living this way. Some are suffering silently. Others express their desperation every way they can. 

I hope when this is over we can teach our children more about the history of dictatorial and tyrannical regimes, the importance of freedom, and the harmful impact of propaganda.

I support Freedom Convoy because the movement stands for what is right. I support Freedom Convoy because I understand that what has been happening in our country lately is wrong.

2 thoughts on “I am a teacher and I support Freedom Convoy. Here is why…

  1. I am an educator and I too support the Truckers and supporters of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. So many have lost the plot – damaging kids over irrational fears. I admit I was terrified in the beginning and for a long while after! But by taking the time to look at studies from around the world and to listen to different viewpoints from world-renowned experts, I came to realize that we have been mislead and we have done more damage to society than good. The convoy has given my son hope and happiness in his country for the first time in a very long time. No matter the outcome, I will be eternally grateful to the truckers and other people of the convoy. The world is watching and freedom loving people thank you. May God bless you and protect you.

  2. As a teacher, and Canadian citizen, I am truly worried at the direction the provincial and federal governments are heading in regards to stripping our god given rights and freedoms. It all started with our right to privacy(Vaccination status). Then came the vax pass, which had little to do with safety, and more as an incentive for someone to get jabbed. Next were the mandates in regards to being unable to work or travel unless you had the jab. This is nothing less than coercion. Let’s not forget the face coverings we have had to wear for over two years. If that wasn’t bad enough, you have even attacked our kids through their extracurricular or recreational activities. The government has taken a limited approach in dealing with the virus. (Vaccination, lockdowns, mandates, and masking) rather than looking at countries who have a low death per million and seeing what they are doing to be successful. I will tell you now, vaccination is not in the equation.

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