As I look around my classroom and mourn for those days when students could freely move around and interact with each other, I keep asking myself why do we need our masks?

Then I started thinking about how we got into the whole mask business. This brings me back to when the pandemic first started and we were encouraged to wear masks in order to stop the spread or prevent the spread.

We all accepted this  and of course wanted to play our part.

However, as I sit in my classroom and look around, the psychological effects of masking has definitely taken its toll.

Here we are with yet another variant, with yet many people being sick, with yet much fear mongering in the media so the question remains, did mask wearing help us? Did they help stop or prevent the spread?

The simple and honest answer is NO.

We have been wearing masks now for 2 years and nothing has changed.

The only thing we did was indoctrinate our children and segregated our society.

They simply do not work!

They do not stop the spread!

They do not prevent it!

So, the debate is over, as the statistics and studies roll in.

When someone asks you “why are you not wearing a mask”, you can simply respond with “why are YOU wearing one?”

Therefore, lets stop this meaningless debate, look at the facts, and save our children’s mental health.

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